We Love the Clothiers!

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Last week Adam and I got to shoot one of my favorite portrait sessions EVER! We’ve known the Clothiers for almost 10 years, since Darcy and I were rowing partners in college. Since then we’ve had the pleasure to photograph 2 weddings (Darcy’s and her sister Lindsay’s) and many family shoots, from baby showers to newborn photos to these latest shots with their 98 year old Grandma…

Kirk, Darcy’s dad, brought his baby book with him to share with his mom, daughters and grandchildren. No one had seen the book in years as it had just turned up recently, it included a bunch of old photos and even a snip of Kirk’s baby hair! It was absolutely wonderful to witness them look through the book together…

Meanwhile the little ones, Owen and Hazel, hung out together… it was so sweet to see their interaction!

Below, Kirk read out loud “A Mother’s Blessing to Her Child”, which his mom had written to him when he was only 5 yrs old. It included that he must never forget the “golden rule” among other great words of advice :).

I love the photo below, Hazel was intently checking out my camera while everyone else reminisced.

I was so thankful for the moment below, Grandma was alone looking at the photos and she stopped on this one in particular… her husband, Bear, with their boys.

It was so sweet to see Lindsay and her grandma’s hands together below, I love that both of their wedding rings are showing.

I LOVE the photo below… Kirk was so happy to have his family around him, he just laughed as Hazel cried!

Owen loved his milk :), he was so cute!
Thank you to the Clothiers for a wonderful time! We love you guys!!!

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