captured beautifully.

and epic adventures

everyday moments

So whether you're coming to San Juan Island on vacation or you already live here, take some time to appreciate your life and celebrate with your loved ones.

In the blink of an eye, kids grow up. Our kids become parents. And parents become grandparents.

And because the world we live in is constantly in motion and full of distractions, it's even more important that we slow down and soak up every moment.

And fleeting.

Life is beautiful.

But I'd argue that the messy moments are what's worth living for - and they're what you'll miss one day. So head to the kitchen to make cookies with the kids. Or gather around the table for a rowdy game of Monopoly. And let me show you how beautiful your everyday life can be.

Life isn't always picture perfect.


“Everyday Life”


Whatever the adventure, allow me to witness your family connecting over a shared experience and receive images that take you back to the feeling of the day.

Explore the waters by kayak, discover other islands by boat, or enjoy a picnic in a hidden gem of a setting. 




San Juan Island offers stunning backdrops for more traditional family portraits. So, if you're looking for a classic image to hang over the fireplace or to use in this year's holiday card, I'd be honored to capture your family.


Family Portraits


 - Leah, Brady, Sawyer and June

Kim captures so many different things just beautifully

"We have had many family shoots over the years, and there is a reason we keep going back to La Vie time and time again. Kim captures so many different things just beautifully. People, places, flowers... There is such incredible light on the island, and as a resident here, Kim knows how to capture that and the essence of the island. Her photos feel very true to San Juan Island the PNW. And she is able to capture emotion well, and even make your kids feel comfortable enough to get those sweet big smiles out of them." 

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