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We just received the new Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom Magazine in the mail and we got to see the full page “La Belle Reve” ad that featured our photo!!! (see our previous post about it for details) The ad is on the 4th page of the magazine!!! Super cool. It reminded me that we still haven’t posted any photos from the shoot in France! Below is a small sample of them…

The photo above is the shot I dreamt of taking… yes, it’s cliche, but it’s Paris!!!! Who cares 🙂

Amanda was awesome, she had no fear… she would climb up on things without me even asking… the photo above was taken in a big square in central Paris (in front of the Hotel de Ville). It was actually the first outfit on our first day of shooting!

The outfit above is called the “Audry” and I really think it is perfectly French :).

I think the makeup above was my favorite of the whole trip, it was done at the end of a long day of shooting and I couldn’t believe how different Amanda looked. We had decided to shoot the last photos of the day in the cemetery and we wanted a look that matched the tombstones and the dim light, it was perfect… Erin, we LOVE you!!!! If you ever need your makeup or hair done I highly recommend you call Erin Skipley of Bellatrix Studio!

It was really fun to shoot fashion at the chateau, I’ve taken many photos in the past of the hallway above…. a few times empty, once with my cousin Azure in it, and once with Adam and my brother playing Frisbee in it (no joke, it’s a big hallway!) but I think this was my favorite… Amanda seemed to fit perfectly there.

The photo above was fun to do, Adam and I were married in front of that fireplace 4 years ago!!!

The photos above and below are the last fashion photos we took on our trip, it was hard to be done… we had such a great time!!

The photo below is the designer, Madina Vadache’s “finale dress” … it was a fun one to photograph!
I had to show another of Adam’s crowd photos, the one below was taken in Paris… you can see how many people typically lined up to watch Amanda, I wouldn’t even realize it until we were done because I was looking through the lens non-stop.

We had a really great time in the metro in Paris at night, not your typical photo shoot…

We will be publishing the wedding dress photos we took in France on April 1st on Junebug… I’ll keep you posted, yeah for France!
designer: Madina Vadache
model: Amanda Wall, Mode Models
hair/makeup: Erin Skipley, Bellatrix Studio
photographer: La Vie Photography 🙂
location: Paris and Chateau St. Julien l’Ars, France

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