Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardners who make our souls blossom.

-Marcel Proust

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH…Your pictures have brought tears of joy to my eyes this morning, which I have to say is exactly what I needed this week.” Katie, Bride


“Kim and Adam … WOW … you guys ROCK!!! We could not be happier…thank you, thank you, thank you! We think Colton said it best tonight … ‘when will they come back to take pictures again?’ We had such a great time again with you and wish you could just follow us around all the time!” Dave & Traci, Portait Clients

Everyone commented what great photographers you were, very positive and also non-intrusive. Everyone felt like they weren’t constantly being forced to pose, Brooke had the absolute time of her life, thank you again and we will definitely recommend you to our friends! Tom, Private Event Client

“Ahhh where do I start?? Jeret and I want to get married again just so that we can hang out with you guys again! I can’t put into words how wonderful you both are. We were truly amazed by your organization, enthusiasm, and professionalism.” Julie & Jeret, Bride & Groom

“The pictures just keep getting better and better. I love looking at them  and  at this point I want to frame them all. I’m afraid we will have to get a bigger house if I start framing them. They bring back such wonderful memories of two special, fun, perfect days.” Susan, Mother of the Bride

La Vie Photography224

“My family, wedding party and friends really enjoyed meeting you both on our wedding day!  You made the whole process so much fun!!!  I just want to thank you again for EVERYTHING!!  Not only are you two phenomenal photographers, but you are very kind, fun and professional and you spread positive energy to everyone around you.  We wish we could hang out with you more often! A MILLION THANKS for capturing our special day so beautifully!!” Jen, Bride

Charlie and I got the pictures in the mail today. They are our favorite things in the world! WE love them so much. Going through the day again with these pictures is amazing and makes us so happy. Thank you so so much for everything!!!
Jessie & Charlie, Bride & Groom

We love you both. You were a highlight of our wedding and we just can’t stop talking about you. We genuinely miss you…. For me personally (Kavita here, now) you two were a godsend. You made me calm, you made me laugh, and you freakin’ made me cry! We are so happy to have you in our lives as friends.
Kavita & Walker, Bride & Groom

I already knew before seeing your gorgeous photos that they would be beyond amazing! You cannot possibly have two people like you that are bursts of fun, energy & pure thoughtfulness and not have a beautiful end result! THANK YOU for all you do and sharing your talents with the world. I feel like the day is still here when I look at these photos and I remember each emotion I was feeling and that’s not something that just anyone can capture! When I say you have a gift I mean it. Amanda & Jeremy, Bride & Groom

I had such a wonderful time with Adam and Kim. I wish I was rich and could have them follow me around and make me feel gorgeous all the time! Thank you guys for such perfect pictures. I’m going to put these all up around the house in every room. I actually can’t say enough to express my excitement about this photo shoot!! You guys ROCK! Vanessa, portrait client

“Sitting here crying! The pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Forever treasures! You are so very talented! Pretty fun too! As much fun as our combined families!! Job well done…thank you!” Toni, Bride’s Uncle

Thank you so very much for sharing the beauty, grace & elegance that is Whim W’Him in your pictures! I look forward to reliving the excitement of Whim W’Him through La Vie after their performances. You capture the memorable moments of all the pieces so well. Fantastic work that is much appreciated by Whimmers! Thank you Kim & Adam.
Ellie, Whim W’Him supporter


“We were so lucky to have already known you before the wedding, after you had done our amazing pregnancy photos (I am still wondering who the beautiful belly belongs to) and Charlotte’s 1 month photos, we could not have felt any more at ease with you. Our guests loved you as much as we love you both. We look forward to many more photo sessions with you!” Mark, Diane & Charlotte Grace, Wedding & Portrait clients

Joe and I just went through the photos today – they are amazing!! We simply couldn’t believe it. There are so many wonderful photos that you guys took – you really captured how incredible that day was. We are absolutely blown away by the quality of the photographs!! Thank you so very much!!!
Natasha & Joe, Bride & Groom

“It really does mean the world to us that we have people who are so extremely caring and kind when sharing in such HUGE life moments. You two are truly amazing! You two have this incredible ability to make everything happy and calm.” Katy, Bride

“We are thrilled! You are true artists and capture the essence of life in your photos. I can’t stop looking at them!” Anne, Bride

These look AMAZING!!! We absolutely love your attention to detail and
uncanny ability to capture fleeting moments.
David and Carly, Bride & Groom

Oh my goodness! Thank you, thank you!!! The pics brought tears to my eyes. I have wanted to capture my kids and our family like this for so long. You guys are amazing, and thanks for giving us so many extra pictures as well. You rock 🙂
Melanie, portrait client


“I just wanted to say how amazed I am at the photos you took – they are *so beautiful* and, if I might say so, ADD something to the day that I didn’t even see. Just amazing.” Franny, Sister of Groom

“One word – WOW!  You have done an amazing job of capturing the beauty, love and intimacy.” Madeline, Sister of Bride

“Now that I am finished looking at the photos and wiping the tears off of my keyboard I can thank you for such beautiful photographs.  Looking at them makes me so thankful for my family and every photo seems to capture the personality and expressions that we all make on a “day to day basis”.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  I can’t wait to get them up on the wall so I can enjoy them as I pass from room to room.” Kelly, Portrait Client

Thank you so much; they are absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m so far away from family and friends right now, so I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is seeing everyone having such a wonderful time in the pictures. You two captured some very special moments. I’m so excited to order my favorites and put them in our new house. Again, thank you so much! Christina & Tom, Bride & Groom


“Allan and I just wanted to thank you so much for saving our day!  You guys are amazing and our absolute favorite!!  We had no doubt that you would take beautiful photos, but you exceeded our expectations!  Not to mention that you kept us on schedule. 🙂  We have had so many people tell us that they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen! We’ll be singing your praises for years.” Andrea & Allan, Bride & Groom[divider]

OMG! I love them!! Thanks to you and Adam for taking such wonderful pictures, it really means the world to us that you have been there with us during so many milestones! It’s just the best! We love you so very much!!!
Can’t wait to see you guys again! Nicole & Dave, Bride & Groom, Portrait Clients

AMAZING!!!! Everything was beautiful to begin with and you made it look even more beautiful! INCREDIBLE pictures! You are both so talented! Thank you so much- you really made the day so special!
By the way, my mom is your #1 FAN! She can’t stop talking about the pictures! Nate & Miriam, Bride & Groom

We just finished looking at the pictures. OMG…you guys did such an unbelievable and amazing job! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our wedding pictures!!! I don’t know how else to put our gratitude into words. I’m telling you, you guys are the best out there. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have found you two to capture our most special day. The faces of our family and friends pretty much said how they felt that day without hearing them talk. You guys will always make us remember that day so beautifully it’s just breathtaking.
James & Shirley, Bride & Groom